Judge denies motions to dismiss McCorkindale case

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- The accused killer of 22 year old Preston Yahne was in court again Thursday.

A judge denied motions from the defense to dismiss the case. Robert McCorkindale's lawyer said the prosecutor mismanaged the handling of witness Laura Bancroft's testimony. Prosecutor Andy Miller argued that his office did everything in its power to keep the case moving quickly.

"Your honor, I have no idea how we could have done this any better on this case with Laura Bancroft, without violating Ms. Bancroft's attorney-client privilege and without exposing us to discipline by the BAR Association," Miller said in court.

McCorkindale pleaded not guilty to first degree murder. He's accused of stabbing Yahne and running over him several times in a dispute over drugs. Yahne's body was found in a trunk of his car near Sunnyside last year.

Trial is set for June 27th.