Kennewick shooting investigation turns up three more arrests

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Police have arrested the man they believe to responsible for a shooting over the weekend.

He's facing first degree assault charges. They are still on the hunt for two more potential accomplices.

But during their investigation, Kennewick PD arrested three other people, although they were for unrelated charges.

Neighbor Nathanial Anderson described the frightening situation he woke up to over the weekend, "It was pretty intense just walking out here seeing all the cops searching the area going up stairs, downstairs."

Cops took over Albany Court after an altercation police say led resident Tommy Avis to shoot Derrick Cady.

Cady was taken to Seattle for treatment where he is still recovering.
Cops didn't have to look far for Avis...during their investigation he turned himself in. Pressure from their force that lead to multiple arrests.

"When we start looking for suspects involved in this kind of activity, we turn over a lot of stones. We ended up taking at least three people to jail on outstanding warrants, which really tends to turn of the heat on the person we're looking for," says Kennewick Police Sgt. Ken Lattin.

All three with outstanding warrants, and now all behind bars.

Police say it gives them the opportunity to send a message to criminals and stop crime before it happens.

"Stay on offense. That's the key to keep violence down. You have to stay on the offense. If we just wait for stuff to happen and investigate, we're going to be overrun," Lattin says.

Police are still looking for Genesis Garza and Michael Land who are believed to be accomplices in the weekend shooting.

Nathanial worries his neighborhood isn't safe anymore.

"Kinda sucks, because, I mean, no one is really safe around here and we have kids in the it's pretty bad," he says.

It's a reality that he hopes will change, as police work on taking more criminals off the streets.

Police say if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of either Garza or Land, you're asked to call police.

Derrick Cady was shot in the leg, but his injuries are not life-threatening.