Ki-Be School District looking to put past behind it

BENTON CITY, Wash. -- One of our smallest school districts has made a number of distressing headlines lately.

The Kiona-Benton City School District has seen threats of violence, a golden parachute for its superintendent and now a possible restraining order against the school board president. And these aren't the only things.

How will the fill-in leader get things back on track?

Jessica Sillito has two kids in the Ki-Be School District. She's not the only one who's getting fed up with the turmoil surrounding the district.

"I know other parents that are just up in arms and getting nowhere," she says.

Less than a month ago, former superintendent Rom Castilleja resigned, citing no reason for his departure. It came around the same time a teacher was being investigated for questionable material found on his computer.

Earlier this month, a student was arrested, suspected of making a hit list.

"The hit list got taken care of quickly which is really good," Jessica says.

And just this week, the girls' wrestling coach filed for a restraining order against the president of the school board president. She cited harassment by Tim Cook.

It's all become one issue after another for the interim superintendent who's been on the job for 13 days.

"Wade Haun is really getting the ball moving and getting the district set back in the right direction," Jessica added.

We spoke to Haun over the phone. He wouldn't go on camera today, but says he's focusing on establishing relationships with his administration and maintaining a safe environment for students.

I talked to more than a dozen parents about their concerns. The consensus among the community was relief the old superintendent is out and optimism the new superintendent is in.

"I think he'll do a good job, because he does honestly care about the community and the school," Jessica says.

Rom Castilleja left the district amidst news Ki-Be would have to pay back more than $150,000 for overstating enrollment.

Only time will tell as the district hopes to start a new, less tumultuous chapter.

We tried to reach out to Tim Cook for comment, but he didn't return our calls.

Wade Haun is only confirmed in the superintendent's position until the end of the school year.