Lange family faces another faith-testing challenge

PENDLETON, Oreg. -- A year after a random attack in Pendleton, Dateline NBC is now looking to cover the story.

The attack helped lead to a killer on the loose for more than a year. KEPR checked back in with the woman who survived a beating by a stranger.

Dan Lange remains in high spirits a year after his wife was attacked and months after he received a cancer diagnosis.

"Well, she's always been my caretaker, so the change has been that now she just runs circles round me," he says.

It's an update that might not have happened. Karen Lange's attach was front page news. Randomly targeted as she jogged the Pendelton Riverwalk. Beaten with a pipe.

Her attacker: nameless. Until DNA found on the pipe was linked to Lukah Chang. He was found hiding in the Pendleton Convention Center. Deputies linked Chang to the murder of teenager Amyjane Brandhagen. Her body was found in the motel she had just gotten a job at almost a year to the day from Karen's attack.

Chang is serving a 35 year sentence.

"For us, it was a huge relief," Dan says.

It wasn't clear Karen would even survive. She had to relearn how to walk. Talk. And still has memory problems. Yet she's back at work and holds no grudges.

"The past year I've just felt very blessed. That first of all I'm here and I'm able to get back on my feet," Karen says.

Karen quickly went from patient to caretaker when her husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of kidney cancer.

It resulted in lesions on his brain.

"In December, I started getting dizzy, I thought, well that's weird, but I kind of tossed it off. Then it got worse and worse," Dan said.

Dan's hair is now white, but his prognosis, good.

"The five year survival rate is so high that if we had statistics for 10 or 15 years, that would be high as well, so he was confident and so I took that as the best part of the sad news," he says.

Karen sees it as her chance to repay her husband who never left her side during her ordeal.

"I Look at that as kind of a blessing. I get to do something for Dan that--he had to do much more for me. And so I get to kind of serve him and that's kind of where we've always been."

And so the family that has already endured so much, will once again have to muster the strength to overcome.

Lukah Chang was ordered to pay half-a-million in restitution. It's not likely the Langes or Brandhagens will ever see that money.

The Dateline crew is set to start filming in Pendleton next week.