Linda Lusk wants to attend daughter's graduation

PROSSER, Wash. -- The former mayor of Prosser is fighting to go to her daughter's high school graduation.

Linda Lusk is banned from attending because she's also a convicted child molester. She has been unable to attend her daughter's sporting events and even went to jail for disobeying that order, but missing graduation would be the biggest event yet. KEPR learned what she's doing to fight for her right to be there.

Linda Lusk no longer lives in Prosser, but her children still attend school here. As a registered sex offender, Lusk can't step foot on campus, which means she cannot attend her daughter's high school graduation.

Member of the community have mixed opinions on the issue.

"I think she should, because I have grandkids and kids, and I would like to see their graduation," said Pam Huth.

"If she wants to watch, she can stand on the other side of the fence with a zoom camera or just wait till the proceedings are over on the school property, and then have a family gathering with her and move on," said Jane Smith.

Lusk filed an injunction against the Prosser School District, hoping she can be allowed to attend, even with restrictions.

Lusk originally agreed to an interview with Action News, but then canceled. Her attorney spoke on her behalf.

"Her offense was in 2010, and she gets this stigma for the rest of her life," said Gary Dow. "That's her cross to bear, but it's just not fair for Prosser School District to arrest her when she wants to be a mother to her daughter."

Our calls to the district superintendent were not returned, but in a statement to other media, the superintendent said it was a matter of being consistent on enforcing the rules.

"I don't think we should make that exception for this particular instance or any other," said Smith.

Lusk's daughter is also named as a plaintiff. The attorney says this was done, in part, to open the door for Lusk to eventually attend her son's graduation as well.

Dow says Lusk offered to stay far from students and be seated in the press box or be escorted by a security guard. He doesn't understand why these conditions aren't good enough for the district.

"Them hiding behind the safety of students is really unfair, because there has never been any showing whatsoever that she is a danger to anybody," said Dow.

Dow says Lusk's daughter is depressed and can't sleep because of all this. The case goes before a judge on Friday.

To get all sides, we also reached out to Win Taylor. He was once the chief of police in Prosser and was fired by Lusk when she became mayor.

Taylor is now on the Prosser School Board. Lusk alleged in other media that this was a way for Taylor to get back at her. Our calls to Taylor were also not returned.