Local families bringing goods to fire victims

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A couple of Tri-Cities families have gone above and beyond to help these fire victims.

The idea came to Toni Schumacher after she tried getting ahold of the Red Cross to see how she and her friends could help. After learning they were only collecting money, the woman wanted to set up her own donation event. So she parked her pickup at the Costco in Kennewick Sunday morning.

Schumacher asked Facebook friends to stop by and drop off things like canned food, pet food, and water. Shoppers at Costco donated as well.

"It's because so they don't die and cause they need stuff and you need to help as much as you can to help these people," said Hannah Benson.

"It's realy sad and they lost all their toys and their food, their money, and we're just trying to help them," said Sophia Schumacher.

"The doggies died cause of it, so you need to help as much as you can, like give them a thousand stuff," said Benson.

The families only planned on filling up one truck but they ended up filling two. They left Tri-Cities Sunday afternoon to head to Brewster and drop everything off.