Marijuana for sale in Prosser!

PROSSER, Wash. -- Marijuana sales were brisk in Prosser this morning as soon as the doors opened to our area's first pot shop.

Operating hours show that Altitude should be open until 9PM but it was actually closed by 3PM on Tuesday. That's because they already served their first 300 customers in the first few hours of being open Tuesday morning and they ran out of supplies.

The spokesperson for the new pot shop says they are trying to pace their product until the official grand opening in a few weeks. But Tuesday morning the view looked a lot different. Hundreds stood in line to not only be a legal buyer of weed but also to be a part of history.

"First in line, yup, he wanted to make sure he was the first to go," said the second customer in line, James Patrick.

Jerry Kidder and James Patrick made the trek from Richland to Prosser before the break of dawn this morning.

"Woke up early, got here about 6, made sure we got here in time," said Patrick.

James and Jerry weren't wasting any time. James is a cancer survivor. Jerry is still battling his. Being a part of this monumental day was a main priority for the two men. They wanted to be some of the first to purchase marijuana legally in Washington.

"This is a historic day, not only in increasing people's rights and personal freedoms but this is undoing something that has been almost 100 years in the wrongdoing," said Steve Lee.

Lee calls himself a long-time pot enthusiast and medical marijuana patient.

"It's really, really exciting to see a store open up and see the police outside and see them sitting there watching people and see the protesters being nice and just the fact that this exists as an opportunity is a huge step forward," said Lee.

Seven strains of weed are currently available at Altitude on Merlot Drive. With unique names like Grape Fruit Skunk, Blue Dream, and Gremlin. A typical purchase of black market marijuana is one gram.
Altitude charges 20 to 30 bucks for a gram, depending on the THC content.

The rule right now is that each person can purchase one gram of marijuana. But if they want to purchase more, they can get back in line and wait in this heat for some more.

Altitude was thrilled with the orderly sales by customers on day one.

"Gosh you know what, between the positive vibes, the excitement, all those things coming together, I can't say anything besides awesome. I mean I'd like to use a more elaborate word but awesome pretty much summarizes this whole experience right now," said the spokesman, Manel Valenzuela.

Tuesday was considered the soft opening. The store is operating on limited hours with limited supply for a few more weeks. Owners hope to have a grand-opening at the end of the month where you will then be able to purchase up to an ounce instead of a gram of weed at a time.