Massive Old Glory gets raised to new heights

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A beautiful flag was raised Friday evening at Archibald's on Clearwater Avenue. It was carried and put up by the Young Marines.

Retiring U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings is dedicating the area's largest U.S. flag in honor of our freedom. It's 30 feet by 50 feet and waves almost 15 stories in the air. Young Marines said they were honored to have had the chance to do this.

"It shows our patriotism, it shows how we are in America and how we want to grow bigger and bigger, and by raising this flag would be a great way. Hope to stop all of Tri-Cities; let them see this great flag raised," said Young Marine Cpl. Saul Garcia.

The flag will not be retired at sundown, so it will be lit overnight.