McCurley Chevrolet employees answer the "challenge"

PASCO, Wash. -- There doesn't seem to any immediate end to the Ice Bucket Challenge that's sweeping the nation.

Just recently, employees at Toyota of Tri-Cities got dunked and then threw out the challenge to the McCurley Integrity Dealerships.

And if you know Bill McCurley, he doesn't do anything small time. So he rolled out two big Michigan end loaders filled with a thousand gallons of ice cold water.

"We've grown immensely over the years and our employees love to be challenged and they love to be involved in community events and as we do business in this community and we give back to the community, we just think that this is part of our brand, the McCurly brand and when we get call out in a challenge from our friends at the Toyota store we accept that challenge," says Manager Craig Cavanaugh.

In case you wondering if all this water dunking is making any ripple. The ALS Association has raised over $50 million, $20 million this week alone to find a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease.