Minimal DUI arrests during boat race weekend

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Water Follies has come and gone already. Final races wrapped up Sunday evening. Saturday night, we told you how local police worked to keep the pace. But now we caught up with WSP on their efforts and the results from the busy weekend.

Calvin Bradberry didn't waste any time in claiming his spot on the river for the 2014 Columbia Cup. He got there Thursday night, set up his tent, and has made the commute from Posser every day since.

"Races are fabulous this year. It's been deck to deck every race," said Bradberry.

Calvin knows drinking is a big part of the weekend long events. But he hasn't been to the beer garden in years.

"I really don't drink much anymore, if I do it was like last night. I went out and had one beer and a water and that was it," he said.

He has enough fun enjoying the races with friends and family without alcohol. And he knows the streets are filled with police officers and he doesn't want to get pulled over.

"Oh yeah, there's quite a bit of police presence out there."

Police are on the streets and even in the air. This is the fourth year the WSP has watched the streets from a plane. Lieutenant Thomas Foster says the birds eye view helps them target wrongful drivers.

"They talk to each other on car radios so they're just talking directly to the pilot, the pilot watching the traffic down below, he identifies a vehicle by how hast it's going, what color it is, and then he watched that vehicle until the Trooper on the ground pulls behind it and lets him know, yes, you're behind the correct vehicle," said Lieutenant Foster.

He says with all the traffic stops Saturday night, troopers made only two DUI arrests. Also, alcohol didn't cause any collisions all weekend. He and his team are highly impressed.

"While the park was closing down, it was almost a constant stream of taxis coming in and people coming in to pick up people who had been drinking. We're very happy the way people have been responsible about drinking and driving," he said.

Responsible choices for a successful weekend.