Miracle the horse as healthy as can be

BENTON CITY, Wash. -- A horse that was dumped on the side of a highway is now considered the healthiest she can be. KEPR has followed the story of Miracle since she was found in Benton City.

Kay Zirkel rescued her, gave her a name, and has taken care of Miracle ever since. She was malnourished and had an injured hip and a wire lodged in her foot. Donations helped bring her back to good health.

Seven vets from around the state have visited Miracle. Kay hopes she can be a therapy horse or find a permanent, loving home.

"Her will to live, her will is incredible, and her willingness to please is beyond what we would normally expect. It's incredibly important to us and everyone who has helped to fund her recovery that she go to a very special home," said Kay.

If you are interested in adopting Miracle, contact Kay at 609-366-0068.
Her email is