Nightclub owner on bouncer incident: 'The video speaks for itself'

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- KEPR is looking into the cases of violence involving customers and bouncers at a popular bar. The issue came to light when a man was left in a coma following a fight at Jack Didley's in Kennewick on the 4th of July.

The family argues the bouncers were too rough on Ben Ensign. But KEPR looked even further and found there have been similar incidents where charges have been filed against the downtown club.

The story is frightening..a young man with potentially permanent brain damage following a violent scuffle with bouncers outside Jack Didley's in Kennewick. When people found out this wasn't the first time someone was brutally injured at this night club, It went viral.
Postings on Twitter asking what's going on with the bouncers at Jack Didley's? So KEPR asked the bar owner himself, Todd Jones.

Jones says, "The security on staff assures safety and to make sure guests are having a good time. That's what their role is."

Kicking people out of the bar can be all in a day's work for a bouncer.

Kennewick woman, Camille Olgivie says, "When a person is an endangerment to themselves or other, they need to be removed."

But a security officer is not a police officer. They can only use as much force as necessary to protect people or property. Workers say Ensign had been kicked out of the bar and came back. Witnesses told police that's when Ensign was removed again and dropped on his head here on the sidewalk on July 4th. People say that's far beyond the job description for a bouncer.

Carol Doenger explains, "A whole new level, and whole different level."
Camille replies, "There is a line where police need to be involved."

Right now , only those who were there and the police investigating may really know what happened that night. Security video is in the hands of police while they determine whether a crime occurred and if Jack Didley's workers used too much force. Bar owner Todd Jones insists it will exonerate his workers.

Jones explains, "Witnesses don't always get things right and aren't always truthful.. Video never lies."

Police won't release the video just yet because the investigation isn't finished. A week after the incident, there have been no charges.

Reporter Melanie Tubbs asked, "Has there been any discipline against the bouncer?"
Jones says, "The video speaks for itself and shows that there wasn't anything done wrong."

It turns out the same bouncer in this incident was part of another brawl back in February. The customer originally faced charges, but just this week those charges were dropped. Prosecutors found plenty of witnesses would testify the customer was only defending himself from the attacking bouncer.

Despite the past, Jones doesn't think there's a connection.

Jones tells KEPR, "I feel horrible about the situation and its absolutely sickening. This should have never happened."

Ben Ensign is still in critical condition in a medically-induced coma. Doctors are trying to relieve swelling on his brain.