Othello cow barn wrecked in Sunday night storm

OTHELLO, Wash. -- Hundreds of people are still without power since Sunday night's storm. Most are in Othello. A number of Franklin County farms were hit hard.

Dairy farmer Richard Smith woke up to his cow bar, destroyed, Monday morning.

"I was like, Oh my gosh," said the owner.

An expected reaction since his cow barn was torn apart by Sunday's storm. The owner of Pure Eire Dairy quickly got his mind on track.

"We recognized pretty quick, that yes, the barn can be fixed."

The owner tells me the other good news is none of his cows were injured.

Smith received estimates for a new barn and was relieved it will be covered by insurance. The new barn should be done in a month or two. Other farmers suffered crop losses. Their corn was flattened, but the damage doesn't end there. Around 500 Othello homes are STILL without power.

KEPR saw a number of cars tried to turn down Lee Road today, a road that's still closed because of the power poles that came crashing down during the storm.

Forty poles are down on Lee Road and another 33 in Moses Lake. Crews are working hard to repair all the damage, but they could be without power until at least Friday.

Richard does have power at his dairy farm, but he's still able to keep his focus on what's really important.

We are thankful that no one lost their lives, we are thankful that no people were injured, and for that we're blessed."

Avista Utilities said they hope to have power back to about 300 homes in Othello in a couple days. They restored about 200 homes today.