Pasco farmer's market to add beer and wine garden

PASCO, Wash. -- If you're a fan of our farmers' markets opening up wine tasting, you're going to love this. Pasco is taking that vision one step further.

The Downtown Pasco Development Authority is adding a beer and wine garden to the market. It will open the second weekend of July, during market hours.

They already have two vendors signed on, but would like to expand. Goose Ridge Winery is open to the idea.

"As long as we have the labor and there's a push from the public and an overwhelming amount of interest, why wouldn't we want to get our name out there, provide out product to the general public," says Goose Ridge Rep Hanna Finkas-Ganders.

Adding the beer and wine garden is all a part of the City's recently-adopted five year plan. They also added free wi-fi around the market.