Pasco PD saves while training more

PASCO, Wash. -- We all know our local law enforcement agencies train constantly to keep our cities safe.

But Pasco takes it six steps further.

Washington only requires 24 hours of training annually for police officers, but Pasco does 120.

Behind the doors of an inconspicuous building in downtown Pasco, police officers meet twice a month for hands-on training.

The Pasco Police Department makes use of the building for everything from death investigations to hostage simulations.

"The hands-on stuff is always the fun part," says Officer Tony Haworth.

He has been on the force for about a year. Wednesday, he practiced handcuffing and tactics to enter a building safely.

He says the training helps keep both him and his perps safe.

"It's something we do constantly. It's a safety issue, but we have to make sure that we're not injuring ourselves or anyone else liability-wise," he says.

The department switched to what they call a 10-40 schedule: four days a week, ten hours a day. This has allowed them to build in these training days. The state only requires 24 hours of training a year - these guys get 120.

And the best part? Because these training days are built into the officer's schedules, it's a huge cost savings to taxpayers.

"We've basically cut down on a lot of the training overtime."

With the extra training, the window for mistakes shrinks, and the liability for the department drops substantially - especially when officers have to use force.

"We want to place people in custody safely, but like I said, use safety for ourselves and for them as well," Tony says.

Pasco also trains with county officers in the old building as well.

They plan to use it until it's torn down to make way for the Lewis Street Overpass Project.