Pasco wants your input on how to make the city better

PASCO, Wash. -- You want to talk and Pasco wants to listen.

The city is hosting a community forum Tuesday and Wednesday. It's something they do every couple years to learn what's on your mind.

Isela Calderon isn't shy if you ask her what she thinks should be changed in Pasco.

"The roads here and Road 68. It's the worst. That's why I don't like coming here," she says.

She plans on attending Pasco's community forums. But, it's not just traffic she's concerned about.

"They're putting their own money into the new projects and then you see later on they're all vandalized. What can we do to prevent that?" she asks.

It's these types of questions Pasco city management want to hear. In past meetings, community members have voiced concerns that helped City Council know what should be focused on.

A past meeting brought up concerns about animal control. New practices for the animal shelter went into effect.

In another discussion, community members brought up issues with code enforcement. This prompted Pasco to hire another code enforcement officer.

The city says there's no agenda.

"Nothing's really off-limits, and the city doesn't go in with any particular set of questions or agenda that we want to have people to respond to," says Deputy City Manager Stan Strebel.

Abraham Rodriguez lives in east Pasco. He says he might attend a forum. If nothing else, Abraham wants the city take a bigger step toward crime.

"The law has to be more tough on gang violence and just crack down on those areas," he says.

Most everyone we spoke with this day shared the same sentiment.

"There should be more police officers out, so they can just be on the lookout for any person that looks suspicious," Isela says.

Of course, this comes on the heels of the most recent crime reports which found Pasco is the safest city in the Tri-Cities. Its crime rate is half of what it is in Richland.

The city hopes its forums will help establish its focus for the near future.

If you want give input, the first community forum is at TRAC at 7 p.m.

The second will be Wednesday at the Pasco Senior Center, also at 7.