Pasco's five year plan: add 30 acre community park

PASCO, Wash. -- Pasco has big plans to improve green space around town, including adding parks and even splash pads.

Island Park is one of the bigger parks in west Pasco. Tina Le makes a visit three or four times a week.

"I'll do yoga or just make up my own workouts," she says.

She wishes there was an even bigger park in Pasco, with more to offer.

"Especially since it's been developing immensely in the last few years, they should definitely upgrade and give back to the community," Tina added.

Upgrades may be on the way. Pasco just approved a five year plan for its parks. It includes spending $2.5 million to improve facilities around town.

This could include adding entire parks, as well as updating what's already there.

Apart from the many across the board changes the city wants to make in the parks, a lot of it has to do with playground equipment. Normal life expectancy is around 20 years and since a lot of the equipment around the city is getting to that threshold, Pasco wants to replace it.

Pasco's biggest priority is putting in a 30 acre community park on the west side of the city. Compared that to Howard Amon which is 45 acres. Pasco expects to spend about a million dollars to buy the land alone. That wouldn't include plans to improve it.

"A little bit of everything that a community park should have. Soccer fields, softball fields, maybe some tennis courts. For sure another large splash pad," says Pasco's Community Service Director Rick Terway.

Tina says it's exactly what this side of town needs.

"There aren't too many pools or water parks here, so a little park wouldn't hurt, just bring more families outdoors."

And that could very well be a reality in just a few years.

Pasco is also developing a five acre park with the school district off Road 60.

That parks will cost around half a million dollars and should open about the same time as the school. That's in the fall of next year.