Police: 4 masked men invade Kennewick apartment looking for pot

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- KEPR is looking into a brutal attack at an apartment complex.

Four masked men broke into the apartment with baseball bats and sent the two men inside to the hospital.

Kennewick Police say this most recent attack highlights a growing trend of people potentially being targeted for their medical marijuana.

"When I first found out about the incident last night--that two men were attacked--that really got my attention," says Jamieson Kahahawai.

He moved to the Hawaiian Village complex several months ago.
He says he hasn't seen any much trouble.

Jamieson was shocked to hear four robbers targeted one of his neighbors -- likely looking for medical marijuana.
Kennewick Police tell me this is a growing trend ever since recreational marijuana was legalized.

Drug users stealing other people's stash is nothing new.
But recently, Kennewick Police have seen criminals getting more daring.

"What we've seen an increase in, is when people are home, and those people are coming in armed," says Kennewick Police Sgt. Ken Lattin.

Just last week, someone was shot in the back of the head during a medical marijuana robbery.

Sgt. Lattin says now that pot is legal, many people are putting themselves at risk by openly talking about their large stashes.

"We generally don't tell people when we're taking prescription meds, why would it be any different with marijuana," Lattin added.

It the reason why Jamieson says he's steering clear of the drug all together.

"I'm trying not to get acquainted with people who are in that particular situation, so I just stay on my own."

It's a lesson that police say will end up keeping you safe -- and out of trouble.

The two men taken to the hospital suffered "significant" head injuries.

We don't know their status due to privacy laws.

The search for the suspects is ongoing.