Power line starts fire in Pasco laundromat

PASCO, Wash. - A fire at a laundromat in Pasco could have been much worse if not for the help of those driving by.

It took crews a few minutes to find the fire at Sand-N-Sage Laundry on Lewis Street.

It was burning in the walls a sign that it maybe an electrical fire. Crews set up a fan to blow out most of the smoke and fumes before going in. They used axes to cut away parts of the walls to put out the fire.

Witnesses driving by say they saw a spark from a power line. They stopped immediately to help get people out.

Vicky Villa said, "We stopped by and came and let them know that, you know, to get out because we can see the smoke. Her brother Armando said, "The whole wire just burned and then it just popped and it just kept popping and popping, smoke everywhere, kids running everywhere, crying and stuff so it was pretty bad."

There were no injuries reported. The word on yet on the total amount of damage.