PUD journeymen who mistook line that shocked firefighter punished

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Two people were suspended from Benton PUD after their mistake almost cost a firefighter his life.

The journeymen gave firefighters the all-clear to spray water on a live wire last month. They thought it was not hot. When the water hit the line, a massive shock shot through a young firefighter.

Fellow firefighters had to resuscitate him. The workers served a one-week suspension and will go through a three-year period of observation.

A simultaneous investigation was carried out by Benton County Fire.

"I feel good about what we're going to do next together. It's a pity that it takes this to get us together sometimes, but that's what happens in our business. We think we're in good shape until something shows us we're not," says Richland Fire Department Chief Grant Baynes.

Ty Schoenwald has made almost a full recovery after being shocked.