Raquel Middleton's family: "She brightened up your life"

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- We're following up on the tragic death of a woman walking near the mall on Saturday.

Raquel Middleton was hit by a car while crossing Gage Boulevard. She never recovered from her injuries.

Raquel's family is coming to grips with the accident that took their daughter and sister. They rushed to the hospital Saturday night after learning the 26 year old was hit here, at the roundabout on the west side of the mall at Center Parkway.

The prognosis was grim from the start.

"We tried to hold on to all hope that there was something we could do to keep her with us and we pleaded with the doctors, my dad yelled at the doctors and they just confirmed that there was nothing that we could do," said her sister Tarah.

A passerby tried performing CPR at the scene but it did little for Raquel. She was hit by a 16 year old who ended up crashing into the rocks surrounding the roundabout. Raquel's friend was also hit, but the 26 year old took the brunt of it. The family remembers her as bubbly and fun-loving.

"She'd light up the room that she comes in. She brightens up your life if she was apart of your life," her father Darin says.

"Even in her hurt, she wanted to help her friends. People that many people wouldn't give the time of day to or see their value. Raquel loved them," her brother Daryl says.

The family told the story of how "Aunt Rocky" had fallen in with the wrong crowd but was on the road to recovery. Just days ago she was able to recommit her life and end a long-standing family conflict.

It was the last time her Daryl would see her.

"I was able to see her, I was able to talk with her. I was able to share what God had put on my heart for her and she received it. And I was able to hug her and kiss her and tell her her brother loves. That I would never love her less regardless of what she had done And I know she died knowing that," he said.

Raquel's father is grateful for the time they had.

"Family is the most important thing in this life."

And now, the family who lost a daughter, sister, and Aunt will find joy in knowing Raquel is, as they put it, flying with her brand new wings.

Raquel is an organ donor.

As for the accident, police say the investigation is ongoing. Officers say the roundabout itself did not play a factor in the accident.