Road 68 may be snarled this summer

PASCO, Wash. -- Big improvements to Road 68 may mean a snarled commute for you this summer. The busy stretch is expected to be closed to one lane in a direction at certain times. We got a first look at the detour options when things get messy.

Juan Rodriguez is in a predicament after hearing how construction along Road 68 might impact his trips across town.

"In my opinion, more hectic. People might, you know, might be in a rush to go to work," added Rodriguez.

Juan knows the temporary hectic feel is needed for a long-term improvement. Over a million dollars in signal, sidewalk and median upgrades are coming to Road 68. The enhancements will affect the stretch between Sandifur and Burden. Construction could begin as early as March. The first few months will have a more minimal impact. Most lanes will be open.

When crews start work on the medians, it's a whole other story. Road 68 could be down to one lane at times. Crews will only make these closures on one direction at a time. For example, if only one northbound lane is open, both southbound lanes will flow normally. Pasco's road engineers don't deny it won't be pretty.

"I think it's a short-term pain for the long-term gain," said Pasco Public Works Director Ahmad Qayoumi.

The city suggests people take Sandifur or Burden instead. Signals may be adjusted for a faster drive, moving more cars through faster.

Pasco officials tell us they also plan on partnering with police in the coming months, possibly adding additional patrols on Road 68 to combat any road rage.

"Hope that everything hurries up because summer is coming around, and I want to come through the main road and go into town," said Rodriguez.

That's the goal for Pasco as well.

Pasco will let you know more about what to expect and detour options at a public meeting next Monday starting at three in the afternoon at City Hall.