Robert Frost Overpass demolished

A big change for anyone who goes to or went to Robert Frost Elementary School. The overpass is no longer there!

Workers knocked it down Sunday morning and have been cleaning up all day. The district conducted an annual safety assessment last spring and found that the overpass had structural problems. So they closed it and have been using three crossing guards to move kids across ever since. Many of you commented our Facebook post with your memories of the overpass, saying you wish the district would replace it instead of demolish it. Others agreed that it wasn't in very good condition.

"I couldn't believe it, it was a lot safer for the kids to get across that busy street and the schools right there so it wouldn't require a cross walk or anything like that, it's already set and they could walk right over the road," said one woman who wants it replaced, Angela Rotter.

20Th Ave has been closed all day but should be open Sunday night at 7.