RSD could purchase 52 acres in Badger Mountain South

RICHLAND, Wash. -- KEPR is following Richland School District's search to find more space for schools.

We learned the superintendent will be presenting a plan to the board tomorrow. If approved, the district would grab 52 acres in the Badger Mountain South development.

Heather Barber is still in the process of moving her family into their new home in Badger Mountain South. They moved here from Kennewick. But after this year, the closest school for her three kids will be almost ten miles away.

"We came with the intention that our kids were going to go to Carmichael, which is quite a drive," she says.

Richland School District is aware of the growth in new parts of town, like the development off Dallas Road. It's why the district is poised to purchase land just down the street in this growing neighborhood.

"We need the land; I think there's no question about that," said Superintendent Rick Schulte.

Schulte says the land could fit both a middle school and an elementary school. Whether to buy this property is up to the school board.

Planners tell us that the approximately 52-acre piece of land actually creates its own sort of natural barrier, which would make it perfect for both a middle school and an elementary school.

The original deadline to find the land already passed, but the superintendent says the district could still make its goal of opening a new middle school by 2017. Whether it will be at Badger Mountain South remains to be seen.

"That decision will come later, probably in July or August," Schulte said.

Heather knows, before long, this skeleton neighborhood is going to be filled with people. 5,000 homes are planned.

"It's not going to be country for very long, I don't think," Heather said.

And those homes could have two schools right nearby.

A decision on whether to purchase the land could be made by Tuesday.