Safe Harbor saved by your generosity

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Once again, our generous community has saved a charity in need. A check for over $90,000 was presented to Safe Harbor today.

$75,000 came from you, through community donations. Gesa Credit Union put in the last $15,000.

Safe Harbor's teen shelter, "My Friend's Place," had to shorten its summer hours when money got tight. The Director says kids were waiting outside with nowhere to go in triple digit heat.

"It's been so devastating for us to try to continue the faade that we were able to do these things without reaching out to the community and finally it got to that point where pride has to be put aside for a while and you need to be able to step up and ask for the things that are hardest to do. We're making strides because we do have a community that cares about its children," said Executive Director, Karen Kirk-Brockman

Starting this weekend, My Friend's Place will be back to opening its doors full-time.