Snow to 60s in 48 hours

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Many of you may have woken up to snow Sunday morning, or at least some hail or freezing rain. In response, we saw slick roads and a bunch of accidents. The National Weather Service is pretty confident in saying this should be it for that winter weather.

Victor Tallman has had it with the cold season. He is a maintenance supervisor and any outdoor work is his responsibility. He can't wait for temperatures to warm up for good.

"Once it stops snowing, we've got to go through here and shovel out all the sidewalks and then 'ice-melt' everything, so it's time consuming, and it's a lot of work. This is a big property, so it's a lot of work," said Tallman.

The slick roads led to multiple car accidents that came in through KEPR's scanner. We checked in with Washington State Patrol to find out just how many they responded to, but we were told they were far too busy to tally up a number.

The National Weather Service is pretty confident spring is on its way, but they don't want to make any promises. The lead forecaster says if we were to see snow again this season, it would be in small amounts and it would melt very quickly.

"It's a fair bet that our chances really start to diminish here in March," said the National Weather Service's lead forecaster, Joe Solomon.

Solomon told KEPR the latest recorded snowfall for the area was on March 29, 1988. It snowed just a little more than one inch.

"Climatology is on our side, saying that we are going to continue to see gradual warming temperatures, so the odds of having another snow event is decreasing," said Solomon.