Strange crimes as weather heats up

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Police say Memorial Day is traditionally known as the first big party weekend of the summer. It means more people out and about and more police response. KEPR looked into the strange crimes happening as the weather heats up.

Kyle Rose enjoys summertime for multiple reasons.

"I like to hang out with my friends, party a little bit, hopefully scuba dive now," said Rose.

"Some activities involve alcohol?" KEPR asked.

"Yeah, for sure," he said.

Kyle's not alone. Richland police say Memorial Day weekend is not just the kickoff weekend to more crimes happening throughout the summer, but also the start to more bizarre crimes, many including intoxicated people.

"We had somebody go into somebody's house, you know, it was the wrong house, and the lady woke up and found somebody in it," said Richland Police Department Sgt. Darryl Judge. "And the guy: 'Sorry, wrong house,' because he's drunk."

Police say just this weekend they've encountered drunks roaming the streets, a dine-and-dash at Denny's and a person with a backpack full of drugs.

Kyle says he can attest to the silly crimes as the weather heats up. He's had his own few encounters with police.

"Me and my friends were beating up an abandoned car, because it was abandoned for months," he said.

"When you're not in that right frame of mind, you make bad decisions, and sometimes there's victims associated with that," said Judge.

But law enforcement continues to work all summer to keep you safe, with extra patrols at night and deputy boats out on the water.

"Just be smart and safe, make good decisions, and if you see somebody who is doing something that's suspicious, give us a call," said Judge. "We'd love to follow up on that."

And as for Kyle, having fun is a priority, but staying safe is even more important.

"Just keeping our distance, doing our own thing pretty much, not getting too drunk or crazy," he said.

It's not just bizarre types of crimes on the rise in summer months. Police say DUIs and more serious crimes go up as well.