Suspected gunman in Las Vegas fatal shooting lived in Tri-Cities

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- KEPR learned there are local ties to the Las Vegas Shooting that left five dead Sunday morning, including two police officers.

One of the shooters, Jerad Miller, lived in the Tri-Cities and attended Kennewick High School for a short time. KEPR found his criminal background here painted the picture of a troubled youth.

Two Las Vegas police officers were shot and killed while innocently eating pizza on their lunch break. 31-year old Officer Igor Soldo and 41-year old Officer Lyn Beck.

"The suspects pulled the officers out of the booth on to the ground where they places a Gasden flag, which is a Don't Thread On Me yellow flag on the back of the body of Officer Beck, they also threw a swastika on top of his body," said Clark County's Asst. Sheriff Kevin McMahill.

A third victim was also fatally shot - 31-year old Joseph Wilcox.

The shooting suspects are both dead. 22-year old Amanda Miller shot and killed her husband 31-year old Jerad Miller, before killing herself.

Jerad lived in the Tri-Cities and attended Kennewick High School for one semester. Court documents say he spent some time in jail while he was here.

"Jerad Miller has a criminal background where he is a convicted felon for vehicle theft offenses in the state of Washington," asid McMahill.

Records show Miller was also convicted of third-degree malicious mischief as well as third-degree theft in 2001. A year later, he got a DUI and obstructed an officer.

But these crimes were no indication that Miller would have homicidal tendencies over a decade later.

"They believe that law enforcement is the oppressor and they are associated with the Nazi movement," said McMahill.

Las Vegas officials say Jerad and his wife had ideological beliefs consistent with anti-police and anti-government. While living in Indiana, Miller was in and out of jail for many drug-related charges.

A YouTube video shows of him crying to his wife before a sentence in 2013.

As the couple went on their shooting rampage, witnesses reported the couple yelling "this is the beginning of a revolution".

Reports also show the couple boasted about their participation in anti-government protests at the Bundy ranch.

Both Jerad and Amanda Miller have posted things on their Facebook and Twitter pages indicating they would kill someday.