Threatening note suspect brought in for assaulting fellow student

DAYTON, Wash. -- KEPR has learned an arrest was made for the bomb threat that delayed Dayton Schools.

Deputies explained they got a two for one deal. The teenager admitted to the threat and to attacking a student he suspected of being a "narc."

Bryeana Myrick has attended Dayton schools since elementary. But following some recent scares in the district, Bryeana hasn't been back on campus.

She says she feels safer.

"I"m more comfortable being home schooled than I am here. Because you never know," she says.

Breyeana and her friend, Brian Cruz, were at school the day things came to a head. There had already been a Swastika burned into the lawn outside Dayton Elementary. A couple weeks later, there was a bomb threat that delayed school for two hours.

Prosecutors say they know who made the bomb threat and that same student is accused of beating up a fellow classmate who he suspected had ratted on him.

"I don't believe there's any information that the student had actually gone to an authority figure, but just the fact that he was talking about him, he was targeted by the suspect," says Prosecuting Attorney Rea Culwell.

"He was texting and pretty much he called out his name and then he looked up and got kicked in the face," says Brian Cruz.

Court papers say the victim had been kicked in the head and face repeatedly.

The boy was left bloody and with a concussion.

Deputies say the 16-year old suspect admitted to both the note and the assault.

"He did indicate that he was alone, but we, you know, law-enforcement is trained not to close any doors," Culwell continued.

It's the latest chapter in wild turn of events that has many people in Dayton worried for their city.

"It really wasn't worth it, I don't think. He scared a lot of kids he scared the community. I think it's terrible because we're a small town and now we're getting a bad reputation because of all the talk," Bryeana says.

It appears the motive was only to cancel school for two more days so that kids would have the entire thanksgiving week off.

The teen had no means to blow up the school.

No one else has been charged in the burning of the swastika.