Triple Homicide: Three wanted men on the run

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- A big new update in the triple homicide out of Benton County. Deputies announced the names of three people who may be connected to the crime. It's likely they've left the area, and possibly fled the country. This, as the families of three victims are still grieving.

A triple homicide earlier this month left three friends dead, and a community in shock.

"I want justice, not just for my cousin, but also the other victims and the unborn baby," said one of the victim's cousins, Manuel Alaniz Jr.

Those victims include 19-year old Victoria Torres, 22-year old David Perez-Saucedo, and 23-year old Abigail Torres. All three were found executed on this rural Benton County farm. Abigail Torres was nine-months pregnant.

"When I found out, I couldn't believe it and so I was like, nah, this can't be real," said Alaniz Jr.

But it was. And the gruesome crime has left investigators with their hands tied for weeks.

"We've conducted a very large amount of interviews. We still have more interviews and/or re-interviews to conduct. And the case just continues to move forward," said Benton County Sergeant Kevin McCary.

All three families sat down with all the investigators on Wednesday.
Families got to ask questions and learn what deputies have found so far. The meeting announced authorities have five persons of interest.
Two are in jail. The other three, a father and his two sons, are on the run.

51-year old Fidel Miranda-Huitron, 24-year old Eduardo Miranda-Resendiz, and 19-year old Fernando De Jesus Miranda-Resendiz.

"We believe that these three people may have information or may have knowledge about the actual homicide and the situation surrounding the homicide," said Sgt. McCary.

One of the men in jail is a brother of the two younger Miranda men. Authorities would not confirm that the three who are wanted are in Mexico. But their acquaintances shared snap chats with KEPR.
Including one, featuring Fernando, captioned, "In Guadalajara."

"They haven't been heard from since the homicide by anybody that we've contacted in the Umatilla area where they live," said Sgt. McCary.

Victoria Torres's cousin says if the men are in Mexico, he hopes they can be found and brought back.

"They need to man up and pay the price for what they did," said Alaniz Jr.

The two men already in custody on unrelated charges, who could be connected, include Francisco Resendiz Miranda and Christian Hurtado.

Many of you have commented that there were four people killed, due to the unborn baby of Victoria. The prosecutor will ultimately decide if anyone faces charges for the death of the baby. So far no charges have been filed against anyone in connection to the homicides.