Two inmates are tearing up Franklin County Jail

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. -- A pair of inmates are trashing the old portion of the Franklin County Jail and you're paying for repairs.

Corrections officers tell KEPR the two men are destroying everything they can get their hands on. They've been stripped to their underwear and left in a bare cell because of it.

Stacks of paper documenting each time inmate Guadalupe Montejano or Paul McVay have damaged their cells.

"These are the worst two individuals we've ever had here," says Captain Rick Long.

Outside his office, Captain Long has a pile of their most recent exploits. Two broken light fixtures, worth a grand a piece. A torn off piece of a door. Yards of wiring ripped from the ceiling.

"They've done damage to this building that's never been done to it in its 25, 28 years it's been in existence," he said.

The men are in the old part of the jail in maximum security lock down. It appears they're in cahoots with one another. They're held in the same pod and yell to each other throughout the day. They can't be moved apart because every time they're put in a new cell, it just offers new things to destroy. The inmates have been stripped to their skivvies and left without a mattress or running water so it can't be used to damage the jail any more.

Their attorney says the men are being treated unfairly.

Reporter: "You guys aren't worried about these guys complaining that, hey, we're not getting fair treatment here?"

Captain Long: "They're getting fair treatment, they're dealing with us very unfairly. I have to do what I can to protect my staff, to protect this building. This building belongs to the citizens of Franklin County."

Normally, the jail has cells specifically designed for these kinds of trouble-making inmates that have things to break up or tear off the walls, but since the old jail is currently under construction, they're stuck with what they got.

Montejano is awaiting trial for murder. McVay is accused of an attack on a homeless man. The jail is looking to add new charges to what they already face. This box of broken handcuffs, pad locks, chains, cables, even a shiv could be used as evidence against them.

"It's game to them. It's serious business to us," Captain Long said.

There's isn't an exact dollar figure on the cost of damage, but estimate it could be as high as $10,000. Just recently, Montejano left a note on his cell door threatening to throw feces at prison staff. His murder trial is set for next January.

McVay is also awaiting trial for assault.