West Nile Virus gets closer to homes

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- It's possible a person in Walla Walla county has West Nile.

The Health Department announced the concern today and we learned the amount of mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile virus is growing in our area.

Franklin, Grant, and Benton counties all have at least ten groups of mosquitoes carrying the virus.

Franklin and Grant Counties found theirs in rural areas, but Benton County's are all in West Richland.

In addition to the areas near Keene and Harrington Road in West Richland, the Bird Hill area near Bombing Range is testing positive. The plane is back in the air to spray for the pests.

Reporter: "Should people be spraying down their tables or play equipment or anything like that?"

Mosquito Control: "Not necessarily, the product will break down in light, so it'll break down very quickly the next day, I wouldn't be as cautious about that. You'll still want to wash your fruits and vegetables that you're eating out of your garden," says Angela Beehler, who manages Benton County Mosquito Control.

Experts also want you to watch on overfilling flower pots. This is a quick way to set up a breeding ground for mosquitoes.