Local Moto Cross Pro makes history

RICHLAND, Wash. - He is often compared to Evel Knievel, but local moto cross rider Alex Harvill sys he is a racer first. After setting a world record last year and attempting another today, Harvill is now a man to marvel in the air.

Two hundred and ninety feet. Though unrecorded, that's the distance of the longest dirt-to-dirt jump ever made and it was Alex Harvill's newest conquest.

"It's hard because it's all sand and it's hard because the runway isn't the smoothest, it's rough," said Alex Harvill.

Many locals call Alex the next Evel Knievel. Knievel was known for his outrageous stunts and crashes, but Alex is adamant about blazing his own trail.

"He was crazier than I am, different machinery, you can't even compare. Set my own dynasty, breaking my own records, doing it my way," said Harvill.

In May of 2012, the Ephrata native set the mark for longest jump on flat level ground. And today, after his fourth try - Alex made history again.

"As soon as I hit and halfway through the takeoff I knew I was going to be set," said Harvill.

After three tries of sub 290 feet attempts. On his fourth try, Alex landed at an official 297.55 feet.

"It's going to be great to have it official and no one can say anything, it's going to be documented," said Harvill.

At only 20-years old. Alex says he's a racer first, but he isn't content with only two world records.

"I'm going to chase more records, find different ones, go away from dirt and ramp and find something cool to do, jump over something or who knows, the possibilities are endless," said Harvill.