NBA commissioner says vote on Kings sale still few weeks away

NEW YORK -- Fans of the green and gold are turning red in the face.

NBA Commissioner David Stern told the media early Wednesday evening that it would be "charitable" to see a final vote to move the Sacramento Kings franchise by May 1.

"The committee still has additional questions as they go through this in great detail," Stern said.

The Commissioner brought together the joint sale and relocation committees together a full day early before the yearly two-day Board of Governors meeting in New York.

The NBA confirmed that the Sacramento contingent did put in a bid to keep the Kings. Stern said that bid was reviewed as part of discussions Tuesday.

Stern explained that there will be no recommendation made this week on which side is preferred, but that the joint committee would meet again next week to make the determination and issue a report.

At that point, it appears both Seattle and Sacramento will be able to respond to the findings. It would take another seven business days for a full and complete final vote.

Other contingencies could come into play, including expansion. San Antonio Spurs owner and chairman of the Board of Governors Peter Holt said expansion was not brought up during the Tuesday meeting, but it is still in play.

"Is expansion off the table? Not necessarily," Holt said.

Stern countered, saying there is no "current" plan for expansion. He had expressed concerns in the past about the dilution of talent in the league and revised television contracts.

Hansen's group does have a written and binding agreement with the Maloof family to control the franchise in a deal worth $525 million.

It is unclear what the possible legal ramifications could be now that the Sacramento bid has been submitted.

The Board of Governors will meet Thursday and Friday. Stern will hold another news conference Friday afternoon.