Tri-Cities Rubik's Cube Competition

RICHLAND, Wash. - In recent months action news has showed you a few world records being broken. A couple months ago it was local Moto X racer Alex Harvill breaking the Guinness record for longest jump from a dirt to dirt ramp and just last week we showed you how the 12th man had the loudest crowd roar at a stadium. Today a new record was looking to be broken, fastest time in solving a Rubik's cube.

For many of us we see it as a toy, a hobby to see if we can solve the curious cube. But for others it's not if they can solve it.. It's how fast.

"I like challenging myself, improving my official time and also all these guys are great, they are a lot of fun," said competitor Nick Vu.

Nick Vu has been cubing for the last 11 years. He says he would spend three to four hours a day practicing. Eventually sending him to the World Championships in Las Vegas this past summer - placing 15th, but his real claim to fame is being able to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded.

"It's cycles, how do they shift around, so I'm memorizing a series of numbers, because I have every number lettered," said Vu.

Dozens gathered in Richland to participate in the speed cubing competition. Trying to break the world record of solving a cube in 5 and half seconds. Even seven year old Allisa Cohen, but she doesn't do it for the fame.

"Because I love solving Rubik's cubes," said seven year old, Allisa Cohen.

It took the inventor of the cube - Erno Rubik - a month to solve his own puzzle for the first time. Allisa can solve it in under 90 seconds, atalent she picked up just a couple months ago.

"Other people I know mostly don't know how to solve a Rubik's cube," said Cohen.

Competitors tell me, they get asked the same question all the time. Do you have to be a genius to compete?

"I'm seriously not smarter than anyone else, this is something that has just kept my attention, practice, practice, practice, that is everyone here," said Vu, "They're solving Rubik's Cubes, anyone can do it."