Tom Glasgow: What went right for the Seahawks Monday night?

SEATTLE -- Rather than write about all the things that were wrong with the Seahawks Monday night in St. Louis (I do have a flight to catch on Friday and why risk carpal tunnel syndrome?), let's talk about some of the positives.

Positives? There were a few that could make Monday night's game a bit of a blessing in disguise. First of all, Pete Carroll now has substantial ammo in the form of the game's video (Horror flick!) to play ad nausea for a team that could benefit from a major re-focusing at the midway point of the season. Nothing gets a players attention better than an irate head coach and coaching staff, backed up with plenty of evidence that you did a lousy job and we did a lousy job getting you ready to play.

Mirror time should be a priority for every Seahawk this week -- even those who did their jobs and did them well against the Rams. (Yes, you're one of them Earl Thomas.) With several key pieces missing and on the mend, it takes more than improvement from their subs to make up for their absence. Every player needs to elevate his game -- especially with those starting offensive tackles still a few weeks away from returning.

Golden Tate's ridiculous taunt-to-the-touchdown catch and run not only was an embarrassment to him and the franchise, it put the game at even greater risk. Each Seahawk saw the negative impact of putting yourself and your personal spats ahead of the team... let alone recklessly carrying the football like a fresh baked maple bar on a late night go route. (To Tate's credit he did apologize.)

Nothing will serve you and your self interests better than becoming a Super Bowl champion. Hello, better contract! Hello, endorsements! Hello, enormous finger bling!

History says a clunker like Monday night can be a real positive. Back in 1979, the Seahawks were facing the Los Angeles Rams at the Kingdome -- not the Rams again! The Hawks offense that day did what was thought to be impossible up to that point: end a game with negative yardage, as in "they went backwards!!"

On that gloomy day in that gloomy building, the Seahawks offense played like champions -- of the Metro League -- to the tune of MINUS 7 YARDS of total offense. The Seahawks managed just one first down and never crossed midfield in a 24-0 loss. Over their following six games, the Hawks won five and finished with a record of 9-7 for the second straight season. Not bad for a team in just its fourth season.

One game certainly doesn't define a season, but one game can certainly provide an opportunity to redefine one by using its worst performance as motivation to reach for its best performance. The bottom line is it's a 7-1 team with a very real chance of getting much better. And to reach their goal of winning the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2014, there's no other option.