Health officials say college students should be getting vaccinated
Health officials say college kids should be getting vaccinated{p}{/p}

Health experts said it is a common misconception that people think once they graduate high-school or turn 18 they don’t have to get any more vaccinations.

Benton-Franklin Health District experts are debunking this myth, saying it is almost more important to get vaccinated from ages 19-26.

Once you hit the age of 19 in Washington you are no longer eligible for free vaccines. 

"Getting vaccinated is absolutely important and it is one of the best ways to prevent from catching those diseases and some colleges are even requiring vaccines to attend," said Heather Hill. 

Health officials said it is especially important to get vaccinated if you plan on living in a college dorm where you might be sharing a bathroom and a bedroom.

You can find more information about vaccines here.

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