Police investigate stolen 90s Integra incidents in Pasco, arrest suspect

Police investigate stolen 90s Integra incidents in Pasco, arrest suspect

PASCO, Wash. - Police say a second perpetrator may have been involved in stealing a car that was found in a backyard with the battery pulled and a bent license plate.

Pasco Police (PPD) searched for a black Acura Integra stolen from the 200-block of N 9th at about 2:20 AM Thursday morning. According to reports, the keys had not been left inside the car at the time of the incident.

Officers found the car in the backyard of 408 S Hugo after the owner reported finding it in the alley of Lewis and Sycamore around 6 a.m.

Police said the battery had been removed from the car and the back license plate was bent inward, preventing the license plate number from being fully visible.

Reports said police found a suspect hiding in a nearby jobox-style toolbox. They arrested the Pasco man on three outstanding warrants and possessing the stolen vehicle.

Police said this vehicle is the third 1990’s Integra stolen in Pasco since Sunday night.

They recommend those who own 90s Hondas or Acuras to use hidden kill switches instead of just locking them up.

Detectives with the PPD are investigating to determine if another person is involved in stealing any of these vehicles and if these incidents are related.

Anyone with additional information on these cases is asked to call PPD at (509)545-3421. This case is PP17-51400 Veh Theft.

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