Beyond the Podium: Susan Hutchison

    Midterm elections are right around the corner and Action News is featuring some of the candidates in a segment, Beyond the Podium.

    We get to know Republican Susan Hutchison, who is running for U.S. Senate against Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell.

    You can read the exclusive interview below.

    Action News: First thing I want to talk about is tax increases, you say you fought against them?

    Susan Hutchison: Well, yes I have. In fact, I stood at Seattle City Hall when they passed what was an unconstitutional and illegal of income tax in Seattle. As you know, the state voters here have voted down this tax nine times. We get this out of Seattle and I think the whole state is rebelling against them. That’s the kind of thing I’m used to. I live in Seattle but we fought it, I fought it as a chairman of the state party, and I’ll continue to fight ridiculous taxes as we go forward as your US senator.

    Action News: You mentioned in your video voter guide when President Trump has a policy that’s good for the state you support him and if it’s not you will talk with him... can you give us an example of something you agree with a topic that you don’t agree on?

    Susan Hutchison: Well I think it one of the issues around here, especially in the agricultural part of the state, is the question of trade. When I talk to a lot of the farmers, they are really appreciative of the president for how he’s fighting for fair trade. I would be able to talk to the president say my state needs the trade wars to come to an end and we need to move rapidly to make sure that we have fair trade.

    Action News: Switching gears little bit, do you feel like Senator Cantwell listens to this side of the state or represents the other side of the state?

    Susan Hutchison: There’s no question that she represents the other Washington. She’s been there for 18 years as a US senator and we just find that that she wakes up from a five-year nap every cycle and campaigns for a year and expects to win. I think she really misses out because she doesn’t know the state like I know the people here... particularly in Eastern Washington. She’s very well-established in Seattle and King County but in Eastern Washington where are there so many diverse interests and concerns, to find out about them at the last minute while you’re campaigning is not the way to serve your constituents.

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