A new dog park is coming to the Tri-Cities

    A new dog park is coming to the Tri-Cities

    Pasco, Wash. -- Dogs will be wagging their tales, and their owners will be excited to hear a new dog park is coming to town.

    City of Pasco leaders have confirmed a new dog park is in the works.

    They're planning on placing one near the current animal shelter by the river.

    They said they don't have the design ironed out yet, but there will be fenced off areas, seating, shade, and plenty of room for dogs to run around.

    "People have been ecstatic since we've brought this up and said that it's slated for design,” said Zach Ratkai, Administrative and Community Services Director. “We have a lot of support in the community."

    The City has set aside 200-thousand dollars for the dog park as part of their capital improvement plan.

    Their goal for completion is late summer or early fall.

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