Academy-award winning film director visits Richland to talk about documentary


RICHLAND, Wash.-- Academy-award winning film director T.J. Martin joined audiences for a red-carpet screening and question and answer session about his latest film, ‘LA 92.’

The Emmy-award winning documentary chronicles the violent riots in Los Angeles in 1992, following the Rodney King verdict.

We sat down one on one with Martin ahead of the screening.

The self-taught director tells us while the film is based on events in Los Angeles, the message of the film goes beyond big city limits.

He says they looked at the film almost like a case study, using the events as an opportunity to hold a mirror up to ourselves as American society.

And ironically, he says while they were making the film, national stories of Philando Castillo and Alton Sterling began to make headlines.

T.J. Martin says, "And while we're making that film two huge national stories are captured on camera where an unarmed black man gets shot by the police. There's no form or type of justice that’s seen that is a reputable type of justice. I think those things are brewing in certain communities every day. I think the film inherently asks has anything changed and I think it’s up to the viewer to wrestle with that conversation when they watch the film."

He says looking at historical events, it’s easy for someone to feel removed from the situation.

In LA 92, he intentionally left out interviews to immerse the audience and keep them a part of the experience.

Ten percent of ticket sale proceeds from the screening will benefit a local youth in the construction of a community hope wall. It will be located at Vinny's Bakery in Pasco.

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