Advocates: Don't buy a real Easter bunny, stick to stuffed animals and chocolate

The black rabbit, Dill Pickle, is a rescue rabbit. He was abandoned right after the Easter holiday last year.

TRI-CITIES, Wash. – If you are thinking of buying a real bunny for Easter, you might want to consider all that comes with owning one.

Tri-Cities Washington Rabbit Advocates say the Easter time hype makes this a popular time for people to buy bunnies.

All too often, children lose interest, and the rabbits end up neglected or abandoned within months.

"But they are so dependent on people to take care of them, it would basically be like dumping your dog out on Nine Canyon Road, they just don't have survival skills," said Darcy Sherman, with the Tri-Cities Washington Rabbit Advocates.

Advocates say rabbits are a high-maintenance pet that requires a lot of time, space and care.

Rabbits are a huge commitment, living for 10 to 15 years old.

So, advocates say if your little one is pleading for a bunny for Easter, do a rabbit a favor, and buy her a toy rabbit or chocolate rabbit instead of the real deal.

To learn more about the rabbit rescue, visit their Facebook page.

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