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After over a year of being closed, REACH Museum inviting visitors back inside

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- After over a year of closing its doors, the REACH Museum is back open to the public and is excited to welcome visitors back safely.

During April and May, the museum will be open Friday through Sunday to the public, with Monday through Thursday for private tours only.

Education Manager Pauline Schafer says at the end of May they will reassess and see if they can expand their hours to the general public.

If you plan to come with a large group, Pauline asks that you call ahead as there is limited capacity.

Some of the galleries and smaller spaces will be monitored for people going in and out so they can stay within the capacity for tighter areas.

Pauline says without admissions from tours and cruises, they took a big financial hit.

Thankfully, the museum survived 2020 with generous members who kept their memberships active, despite the museum being closed.

She says they have taken the time while they've been closed to make sure their exhibits are in good shape and made some upgrades to outdoor exhibits, especially since they anticipate some people will be more comfortable spending time outside.

They have new signs on the animal trail, a new trellis for their hops plants in the garden.

Education Manager for REACH Museum Pauline Schafer says, "We welcome visitors back and we hope everyone feels safe exploring indoors and outdoors here at the REACH. We've put a lot of energy into making sure it's safe for visitors so we hope everyone will take that to heart while they come and visit us."

The REACH will be celebrating seven years this July.

April is National Poetry month so the museum is inviting all residents to consider ways they've connected to nature this past year and to write a poem about it which could be featured on display in May.

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To submit a poem, click here.

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