After recent death, child health advocates warn parents about choking game


    KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Health officials are bringing awareness to parents after a choking game took the life of a 13-year-old girl in Vancouver, Washington.

    Health leaders said the game that has been around for decades goes by several different names including knock out, the pass out challenge or tap out.

    According to health leaders the game challenges kids to compete to see who can remain under a choke hold and resist passing out the longest.

    Health leaders said this game brings serious injuries to children because when you deprive the brain of oxygen as little as three minutes it can cause lifelong brain injury or death.

    Health experts said it’s extremely important for parents to do their research and talk to their children about the dangers.

    "Give your kids some ideas on how not to participate in this, maybe they use humor like telling their friends I need all the brain cells I got left or how to walk away and just say no thanks or even telling their friends hey kids have died from this so I’m not going to do it," said Clary-Cooke.

    To help educate parents and prevent this from happening to your kids, experts recommend logging on to for more information.

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