Apartments in West Pasco targeted with car and patio prowls

The Crossings in West Pasco says they have had car prowls and valuables stolen every night this week.

Pasco Police officers say this is the season for crime.

They say car prowls and thefts go up this time every year. If you live in an apartment complex, you're in a hotspot for crime. Lots of cars all in one place. Making it easy for thieves to do their own kind of window shopping.

Residents at The Crossings apartment complex in West Pasco off Road 68 came home to a letter Wednesday labeled “Important Memo” alerting residents of crime on the property and giving advice to help keep the thieves away.

“We just got hit every single night, and I think it was because it was easy,” said Kasey McComas, property manager at The Crossings.

Six bikes stolen and valuables from cars and patios, McComas says The Crossings has been hit every night this week.

“We live in a good part of Pasco and people feel safe,” McComas said. “They feel comfortable and so people will leave their cars unlocked.”

McComas says the thieves got lucky this week. Now, they're asking residents to do their part in keeping their community safe.

“If they keep coming back and they keep finding these unlocked vehicles, it just means we're hurting each other because we're not protecting ourselves which hurts our neighbors.” McComas said.

Pasco police say it has a lot to do with the holidays.

“The cause of what we're seeing right now is it's that time of year,” said Sgt. Scott Warren with Pasco Police. “But it's always a good reminder. If you live in a communal kind of place like that where there's lots of cars just make sure your stuff's locked.”

Sgt. Warren says they see an increase in these types of crimes everywhere because this is the time when people have bags or packages with valuable gifts in their cars.

“You'll find people that are looking for the opportunity and if they find a car unlocked and it has a bag or valuable item in it they're going to take it,” Sgt. Warren said.

Warren says get familiar with your neighbors and their cars. If you see something suspicious call the police.

“You may live in a good neighborhood but that doesn't mean that crime can't come into it,” Sgt. Warren said.

As for The Crossings, they hope that keeping their residents in the know will prevent any future car and patio prowls.

“The minute that letter went out we got so many phone calls from people saying, ‘oh I saw someone looking in car windows, but I didn't think anything of it.’ It's just another opportunity to say there's something going on. Trust your gut and call the police,” McComas said.

Kasey McComas with The Crossings says if the thieves come back tonight they hope all their residents will have locked their cars and secured the stuff on their patios. That way if the thieves walk away empty handed and will stop targeting their parking lot.

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