Area mom: tell your local rep to support wrongful death bill

Area mom: tell your local rep to support wrongful death bill

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington State Senate passed a bill changing who parents are allowed to hold accountable if their unmarried child is wrongfully injured or killed.

Senate Bill 6015 passed 26-21, with 2 excused.

A companion, House Bill 2262, waits to be reviewed.

Last month, Action News introduced you to an area family working to change the law.

Rhonda Nissen's 36-year-old daughter, Christina "Tia" Nissen, died in 2016 after checking into the hospital with chest pains.

Nissen said that's how she learned that Washington State law doesn't allow families to pursue legal action unless their loved one is financially responsible for them.

She said she's working to change the law, because she wants Tia's value recognized legally.

"Their lives have value. Their lives have value until the day they die. Our law does not recognize that and it needs to change," she said.

Nissen encourages folks who feel similarly to contact their representative and tell them to pass the bill without the amendments.

She said Rep. Larry Haler has committed to support HB 2262, and she hopes encouragement from his constituents will keep him "on track".

  • Rep. Larry Haler (R-Wa) at
  • Rep. Brad Klippert (R-Wa) at
  • Rep. Sharon Brown (R-Wa) at
  • Sen. Maureen Walsh (R-Wa) at
  • Rep. Bill Jenkin (R-Prosser) at
  • Rep. Terry Nealey (R-Wa) at
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