Artisan fair founder: Nothing mass-produced allowed

Artisan fair founder: Nothing mass-produced allowed

PASCO, Wash. — Craft people from around the Northwest set up shop in Pasco this weekend to share their wares and hopefully make some money at a new tradition called Pickin'-Tri-Cities.

The traveling vintage show and artisan market took over Pasco's TRAC, with over 120 vendors and hundreds of spectators checking out upcycled, repurposed, and hand-crafted pieces.

Organizers told Action News they modeled the event around old-timey country fairs of the past, and only select vendors with hand-made crafts and antiques.

Vendor Sandy Row said she's been selling her hand-made quilts at Pickin' events around the country for a few years, but she's really excited to share the craft she loves with the folks at home.

"It makes me feel good because something I have created is in someone else's hands. And most people who buy quilts are people who love them, so you know the they're going to enjoy them as much as you enjoy making them."

Rowe said Saturday's storm didn't keep the crowds away and the entire TRAC center was filled.

If you missed this weekend's event they're scheduled to return in September.

For more information, visit the Founder's website.

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