As ponds freeze, rescue divers say stay off the ice

As ponds freeze, rescue divers say stay off the ice

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- A shiny layer of ice has formed on top of several bodies of water in the Tri-Cities, but rescue divers warn looks can be deceiving.

Rescue divers said the ice forming on top of ponds and lakes is not thick enough to support a person.

They say stay off the ice--it isn't safe.

"you'd fall through right now,” said Mark Allen of Allen Water Rescue. “It's about three-quarters of an inch thick, so you couldn't walk on it now without breaking through.”

“If you throw something out there on it, don't retrieve it,” Columbia Basin Dive Rescue spokesperson Scott Ruppelius said. “Consider it gone, or you're going to get yourself into trouble."

Rescue divers said ice has to be about four-inches thick to even walk on, and in the Tri-Cities it hasn't been cold enough long enough for thicker ice to form.

They said if you're by the water, keep your dogs on a leash and always wear a life jacket on the water.

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