As summer heat moves in and snow melts, flood mosquitoes infest the Yakima River

Flood Mosquitoes infest the Yakima River.

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- With warmer weather approaching and levels of the Yakima River rising, flood mosquitoes are infesting our region.

Benton County Mosquito Control has been receiving many calls on flood mosquitoes, a type that's been hatching on the Yakima riverbeds as our intense winter snow pack melts and the summer heat moves in.

Mosquito Control says they're fogging and spraying more to knock out adult mosquito groups, but's there's only so much they can do.

"We are going around and checking water sites for the mosquito larva. But when you're talking about something like a river system, it's just something that we can't actually treat," Benton County Mosquito Control's Kevin Shoemaker said. "There's just way too many spots for those mosquitoes to hatch."

Officials say the best way to protect yourself is get a Center for Disease Control approved insect repellent specific for mosquitoes.

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