Assault arrest made in Benton County


BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - Deputies responded to a phone call Sunday morning from a woman claiming her boyfriend had assaulted her.

The woman ran over to her neighbors house with her daugther while her son while still asleep at her residence.

Once both parties were identified, deputies went to the residence but the suspect refused to open the door and communicate.

Crisis negociation officers contacted the man on the phone where he claimed police would shoot him.

After 15 minutes of communication deputies said the suspect agreed to exit the home.

The man was completely uncooperative and continually made movements like he was hiding a weapon is his sweatshirt according to deputies.

Deputies say he also came towards them and refused to follow any commands while advancing.

A less lethal extended range impact munition was used, and he was struck with one round in the upper left thigh area which stopped him from making advances at deputies.

The little boy who was sleeping in his bedroom was still asleep and unharmed according to deputies.

The man was booked into jail on mulitples charges.

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